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eDatafolio provides educational institutions with the ability to manage efficiently all open-ended tests and assignments as well as classroom and training materials. eDatafolio automatically captures grading data which, combined with instant access to the documents, allows for a more comprehensive assessment of student academic performance. To learn more, please download the PDF brochure.

In a traditional educational environment accessing, storing, and filing open ended tests and assignments is cumbersome and time consuming for educators. Education materials primarily retained in paper format often pose a challenge for teachers with a higher risk of losing valuable student information.

eDatafolio educational environment:
Teachers have the ability to easily register, upload, and store tests and assignments as well as collaborate and review a student’s work and test results.

  • Intuitive, electronic system allows for easy access and grading assignments/tests
  • OMR capture deliver recognition of test and assignment grades facilitate updating existing SIS’s i.e PowerSchool, Edline, etc,
  • Students and parents enjoy instant access to test and assignments results
  • Provides graphical real-time process metric indicators
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provides educational institutions the ability to manage open-ended tests, assignments, and classroom and training materials. The paperless document management solution automatically captures grading data and provides instant access to the documents allowing for a more comprehensive assessment of student academic performance.