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HealthCare365 is a robust, user friendly and easily deployable solution that can be used in conjunction with your existing EMR/EHR system (or alone). Designed to give medical providers the ability to:

  • Improve patient services
  • Meet HIPAA regulations
  • Automate and improve back office processes (such as AP/AR & HR)
  • Securely manage all healthcare information
  • Improve Administrative Processes
  • Reduce costs associated with copying, filing, and storing patient information
  • Streamline the billing process and revenue cycle


Improves HIPAA Compliance by ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of personal patient information

Save money on paper and storage space while reducing time and costs associated with important administrative functions

Creates electronic patient folders and enters all demographic and insurance information. HealthCare365 can scan documents such as insurance cards, driver license, and consent forms and includes them in the patient's electronic chart.

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Electronic Proof of Delivery notifies you the moment your shipments are received by your customers and if the shipments arrived complete; so that you can begin the, ever important, process of collecting payment on those goods.

xVAN Documents

Εικονοποίηση παραστατικών φορητής τιμολόγησης

Fiscal & Compliance eFolders

Αυτόματη δημιουργία και διαχείριση ηλεκτρονικών φακέλων για υποστήριξη εσωτερικών ή φορολογικών ελέγχων


When your processes require a little more than the essentials in workflow management, it is time to step up to eFlow. The eFlow component features the most advanced workflow processing features when it comes to alerts, automation, integration, and on the fly configurations.


Healthcare365 provides practical turn-key solutions in the health care industry including: patient file records management, patient admission, electronic data collection, and optimization for back office processes.

Advanced Dashboard

Think of it as an EKG for your business. You decide what metrics are critical for monitoring and the dashboard keeps you updated with up to the second stats. The ability to drill down on any identified red flags directly from the dashboard give you complete transparency right when you need it.

EDI & Documents Exchange

Solutions EDI and automatic exchange documents with customers and suppliers

GP Link

This is the imaging solution for Dynamics GP that you have been waiting for. Users have the power to scan received documents directly from Great Plains without the need for indexing. Retrieval is also accomplished instantly from GP without the need for extensive filtering or manual searching.