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eAutoLoan is a cloud based solution used to automate the credit approval process. Credit institutions retain control of the operations and compliance with critical business guidelines.

eAutoLoan provides detailed tracking metrics and an efficient approval process to make immediate informed decisions.

eAutoLoan improves productivity, transparency, and control over the approval process.

Secure information is shared among authorized departments providing comprehensive support and significant benefit to dealers and sales executives nationally.


  • Improved control of requirements for successful loan approval
  • Enhanced productivity tracking and the distribution of the operational workload
  • Obtain individual loan status online for each dealership and sales executive
  • Increased application volume due to reduced processing time
  • Better control of cash flow throughout the entire process
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Improved document control and security

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eAutoLoan enables lenders to automate the loan approval process from application submission to disbursement of funds, giving lenders full control of the process. Provided, as well, are information insights for budgetary, employee evaluation, and financial purposes.